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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It is not enough to:

-sing in your own accents.
-have listened to Gang of Four.
-wear suits and thin ties.
-dance in a jerky and unconventional manner.
-live in shoreditch, or anywhere else in east london.
-have some form of relationship with pete doherty.
-have a pretty good record collection.
-have done some powerful drugs.
-point out that really grime, rather than your scene, is where the interesting stuff is happening.
-have some quite catchy songs.
-write songs about every day life.
-have authentically working class members of your band.
-play unpredictable, and sometimes shambolic, gigs.
-put out some limited edition seven inches on small labels.
-have been to art school.
-play gigs in new cross.
-have your album produced by a post punk musician from the early 80s.
-be on a fashionable independent label.
-wear pin badges on your lapels.
-give entertaining and articulate interviews.
-appear unimpressed by the possibility of being a 'star'.
-have tempo changes and odd tunings in your songs.
-have interesting hair.
-play gigs in unusual places, such as tube trains.
-look elegant, even when fucked.
-have attractive partners.
-remind us of music that john peel used to play a lot.
-remind us of other music that we like.
-have been admired by john peel.
-be a fun listen to once in a while.
-be a breath of fresh air compared to coldplay and travis.

It has been said before, but we must boycott mediocrity, now and forever. Safe, 'quite nice', music and art, the result of aiming just low enough, is the worst in the world.

Razorlight, Maximo Park, the Killers, the Futureheads and the rest of your terminally conservative NME family: you create the worst music that has ever existed. Worse than nu-metal, prog-rock, easy listening, muzak, white reggae, dee dee ramone's hip hop album.

tomorrow i will talk about ruff sqwad and roll deep again, may be.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

dirty canvas 2 

dirty canvas 2

dirty canvas 

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